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eCommerce Series: Why E-Commerce?

Technology has made it easier for businesses worldwide to sell more and gain more exposure,

The E-commerce industry is booming, attracting every brick to mortar to turn into a click to mortar,

and it’s doing so for good reasons, like:

  • Less Cost:
    Building an online store is cheaper than building a physical one, there is no rent, no bills,
  • no taxes and no employees to pay, just a web-hosting service and technical support and maybe
  • a new website update every season.
  • Personalization:
    Website are so easy to personalize (more easy to redecorate) call up a web-designer and you’re good to go,
  • on the other hand personalizing your physical store can be a hassle and somewhat costy.
    For the customer personalized shopping can offer buyers recommendations, personal recommendation,
  • order tracking, rewards, bargains and personalized newsletters.
  • Target the globe:
    Payment providers and shipping companies have made easy to eliminate boundaries for businesses.
  • Regardless of your exact location, you have the opportunity to sell to the entire world.
  • Make it Social
    Every business is taking a chance with Social Media Platforms, since it has proven
    to be a great marketing channel for small/big business wither its B2B or B2C. Social Media will help your
    business creating more exposure and more brand awareness, it can also help attracting more customers to
    your store and generate more traffic to your website. Facebook alone got 1,500 Million active user in 2015,
    while Instagram got 400 million and Twitter with a 316 million Active user so far, adding other platforms to your
    strategy like Pinterest and YouTube will give you the opportunity to reach your targeted audience worldwide.
  • Convenient:
    Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere can access your store and make a purchase, that alone says convenient and it’s best.

So why E-commerce?

Because it’s your portal to sell your products and services to the world at the same time, it opens more channels for marketing and helps you connect to new customers all over the world.

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