POSTED BY ADMIN | May 10 , 2020

HyperPay Moves to New Modern Offices in Amman’s Technology Hub 

Because employee satisfaction comes first, leading online payment solutions company, HyperPay Amman, decided to move its offices to a space that drives more innovation and overall contentment during the long hours spent at work. The new workspace is also located in Jordan’s central hub for tech start-ups as well as multinational tech companies, King Hussein Business Park.

You’re now probably wondering how the new space will have an impact on the work environment. A healthy workspace with visually appealing interiors is proven to increase motivation, idea generation, as well as release stress. As employees spend most of their time at the office, their psychological wellbeing should be delicately taken into consideration.
That leads us to how the new space is different. For starters, there’s going to be more room; the new offices are much bigger, which serves the fast-growing company quite well. Not to mention that this translates into extra meeting rooms where employees can share their ideas and work together more often, encouraging collaboration and team building. In addition, the new space houses a recreation area where workers can take a break and blow off some steam whenever they find themselves having a corporate meltdown. 

On another note, it is said that wide spaces stimulate abstract thinking. And of course, what’s better than a central, bright, and sunny location in the heart of the city to foster creativity and innovation? 
So, with that kind of new space, employees should expect higher levels of morale from now on, as well as increased productivity.

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