Frequently Asked Questions

What document do you need to have a merchant account with you?2022-10-21T05:20:33+03:00
How are you different from another PSP?2022-10-21T05:20:33+03:00
How secure is your service?2023-09-10T14:21:26+03:00
Do you have a control panel?2022-10-21T05:20:33+03:00
Will you support Sadad payment even for the mobile platform through your SDK?2022-10-21T05:19:06+03:00
What are your working hours? Technical team support hours2022-10-21T05:19:07+03:00
Do you have a technical support team?2024-01-03T13:32:24+03:00
Do you have plugins to support WordPress?2022-10-21T05:19:07+03:00
Can we use your service in Palestine- Ghaza ?2022-10-21T05:18:22+03:00
How can i apply for a job ?2022-10-21T05:18:16+03:00
Did you support noneCommerce2022-10-21T05:18:03+03:00
Cost of becoming a merchant?2022-10-21T05:17:57+03:00
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