An all-in-one payments platform, designed to enable businesses selling goods or services online to: Accept Payments, Expand Quickly, Manage Risk, and Track Results, all from a single platform.

Easier Integration
Easier Integration
Settle all major Currencies
Settle all major Currencies
Higher Acceptance Rates
Higher Acceptance Rates
Advanced Security Measures
Advanced Security Measures

Offer All Payment Options

HyperPay allows you to enable a wide variety of local, regional, and global payment options to cater to all consumer preferences and increase conversion rates.

Integrated Easily with Our E-Commerce Partners

HyperPay’s payment gateway can integrate with all popular shopping cart platforms. Set it up fast, and start processing online payments with the ready made ecommerce plugins.

Optimize Your Checkout Experience

Create a checkout experience that works seamlessly across browsers and devices of all sizes. You are given full control over your payment form, it’s Flexible and Customizable.

  • Reduce cart-abandoment rates

  • Boost your sales

Process Payments In a Safe Environment

We are fully PCI-Compliant, adding the highest levels of security to the checkout experience, to protect your business from fraudsters and guarantee a safe purchasing environment for your customers.

Get Started With HyperPay

  • 1


    HyperPay reaches an agreement with the merchant.

  • 2


    HyperPay refers merchant to a banking partner to apply for a merchant account.

  • 3


    At this stage, the merchant will start integrating the payment gateway with full support from HyperPay during this time.

  • 4

    Live Accounts

    Merchant receives their bank account, and HyperPay starts the onboarding process.

  • 5


    From this point onward, continuous account management services and general support is offered to the merchant.

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