Our Advanced Fraud Prevention solution uses a combination of risk, settings, machine learning, fraud & payments data, and advanced anlaytics, to allow you to accept payments from genuine customers with more confidence, security, and reliability.


Customize Risk Settings

Keep Customer Data Secure

Minimize Chargeback Ratio

Optimize Conversions

Keep Customer
Data Secure

  Chargeback Ratio    

Optimize Conversions

Grow, Fast. Detect Fraud, Faster

All businesses that accept debit and credit cards online are at the risk of fraud. As your business grows fast, fraudulent threats are evolving at the same pace. Our advanced Fraud Protection solution enables you to stay ahead of fraudsters by detecting risks, accurately. Maximizing genuine profits, and minimizing any possible losses, all while gaining customers’ trust in your platform.

How You Can Benefit

  • Customize risk settings
  • Minimize chargeback ratio
  • Optimize Conversions
  • Keep customer data secure

Advanced Anti-Fraud Tools to support the Fraud Prevention Team

Powered by rules-based logic and built-in machine leaning that enables real-time response to fraudulent acts, keeping your business protected 24/7.

  • Blacklisting
  • Identify suspicious customers through creating Blacklists by region, IP address, credit card details, and more options. When there is a transaction that matches with the blacklisted details, it will be declined.

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Gathering cross-industry knowledge and data (Fraud Intelligence) to support the fraud team in detecting fraud faster based on the data analytics.

  • Real-Time Payments Fraud Screening
  • Real-time machine learning decisions enabling you to quickly and accurately identify emerging fraud trends before they impact you and your customers.

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Retain customers, and decrease cart-abandonment rates by securing a safe checkout experience, every time.

We meet all PCI Level 1 Compliance Standards

This is what it could mean for your business:

  • We deal with the banks on your behalf
  • We handle all customers’ sensitive data securely
  • We guarantee protected and encrypted transactions

Top Notch 3D Secure

A security layer added to online credit and debit card transactions, that requests the authorization of each transaction to prevent the risk of fraud.
This service is provided by Visa And MasterCard.



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