First came the computer, and then came the mobile. Then there was the internet, then there was the smartphone, and now we have these apps. It’s hard to keep up with technology when every day there’s a new invention. You might think it’s easier not to, but trust me it’s not. Someday, technology’s going to catch up with you, leaving you no choice but to submit to its authority. And whether you’re ready for it or not, you’re going to have to embrace it. The good news is, it’s actually not that bad, and it can do miracles to your online business. Today, the number of mobile users is larger than the number of desktop users. Why do you think that it? People are highly embracing the mobile app trend and offering them a mobile website does not provide the same experience.

What Makes a Mobile App Better Than a Mobile Website?

1- Extra features: Mobile apps have a number of features you can utilize for your app. Such as camera, contact list, GPS, phone calls, compass, etc… These features can make your user experience more interactive and fun. Not to mention, they can significantly shorten the time needed to perform certain tasks.

2- No restrictions on functions: Mobile websites, no matter how advanced, still have some limitations on certain functions. However, this problem doesn’t exist with mobile apps. Simple functions can make a huge difference in your life, like the swipe, or drag, or zoom in functions.

3- Ability to work offline: Perhaps one of the best features about mobile apps is the ability to work offline. This feature alone puts apps way ahead of mobile websites. Even though you might not be able to perform all the tasks without an internet connection. You can still get a lot done using the offline mode.

4- Improved productivity and customer service: Mobile apps allow you to track your customers’ purchases and better understand their shopping trends. This gives you the upper hand as you can stock their favorite items in advance so you’ll never run out-of-stock. You will be able to predict their next shopping cart and meet your delivery schedule. On-time business processes and meeting customer demand mean more sales.

5- Increased profit: Mobile apps are easy to use; this encourages customers to keep browsing your products. The speed factor also results in time saving and more purchases. In addition, for customers to be able to be able to set their preferences is highly important. Simple personalized information such as interests, location, and more can help you customize their recommendations. Ultimately, this will lead to higher conversion rates.

The bottom line is…Mobile apps are crucially important for your online store. People spend most of their time on mobile apps because they hold the power to simplify every single detail of their lives into a mobile app. Not to mention, their shopping behavior and decision making. Mobile apps can offer greater values to your business, all you need to do is convince your customers that your app’s worthy of their time.